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Driving Innovation in Private Equity by Launching Diverse Emerging Managers in Speciality Funds.

Significant synergies created when partnering with the Equity25 investment network.

Investment Solution


Grantchester Growth's fund, Equity25, is building a scalable way to launch market leading women, minority, emerging managers in private equity.

  • Industry specialty executive teams.
  • 25 Universities and Endowments.
  • Private equity management companies.

Connecting investors through our investment network for University Endowments

The Problem

Less than 0.5% of private equity firms are diverse-owned. While firms have made progress adding minorities at the staff and junior level, there is a clear gap in the lack of ownership and control by women and minorities of private equity management companies.

  • Lack of diversity & inclusion
  • Too few emerging managers
  • Lack of innovation

The Solution

Close the Gap

Larger private equity funds have historically been less able to maintain good performance than its smaller counterparts.

Let's close the equity gap through the creation of new investment partnerships, with the combined strength of successful university endowments. We believe this opportunity will create te parthway to increase private equity ownership and control by women and minorities.

Together, through Equity25, we offer compelling DEI investment opportunities with established and leading performers in private equity management.

Grantchester Growth will:

Group (4)

We organize and develop investment syndicates for university endowments

Group 39

We work with a select group of established private equity management companies that mentor and provide investment support


We recruit and build world class Fund Management teams for each specialty fund with focus on women and minorites

Group (5)

We build an enterprise system to

  • Support the fund management team launch process.
  • Oversee the parallel funds and portfolio companies.
  • Allow rapid scaling of the business model.

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Our purpose is to create a way for leading women, minorities, and emerging managers an equitable future for success in the private equity markets.

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Equity25 is an excellent investment network for the top 25 University Endowments and Universities to begin working together to solve big problems and to make outstanding risk adjusted returns in the process.

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