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Grantchester Growth is pleased to anounce the recent investments in the following companies:

Grantchester Mobility & Energy Specialty Fund

Behind the higher education donor crash

The giving rate across higher education nationally is less than 8 percent for alumni less than 20 years out….

G20 flags

Leaders at the G20 Summit agree to triple total renewable energy capacity until 2030

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 11 September 2023 – G20 leaders agreed to accelerate efforts to triple global…

burning coal

Global coal demand set to remain at record levels in 2023 – Greater clean energy policy efforts and investments needed

“Coal is the largest single source of carbon emissions from the energy sector …..” said IEA Director…

Biden-⁠Harris Administration Proposes Reforms to Modernize Environmental Reviews, Accelerate America’s Clean Energy Future, and Strengthen Public Input

Bipartisan Permitting Reform Implementation Rule to provide for an effective environmental review process that promotes better decision making;…

university campus

EPA – Green Power Partnership Top 30 College & University, Top Partner Ranking

Grantchester Growth is rolling up its sleeves to help with clean energy, including at universities.  According to…

wind turbine energy with google

Google Leads in 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Movement

Your next energy customer might just be Google…over the past decade, Google purchased more renewable energy than…

white house

DOE announces $42 million in funding for Building America’s Energy Infrastructure Faster, Safer, and Cleaner

Grantchester Growth focuses investments on clean energy infrastructure; with over four decades of industry experience, we bring…

Grantchester Growth and the Equity 25 Platform

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Grantchester announces NYSE Nabors Industries investment into UCAP/Maxwell

UCAP Power, Inc. Announces Follow on Investment from Nabors Industries  $3.5 million aggregate investment to support UCAP…

Grantchester Launches Private Equity25

SAN DIEGO, Calif—January 2023— Grantchester Growth is an investment platform and financial services company specializing in launching…