Real Professionals

Our Team

Professionals with Operational and Investment Expertises

Our team members are professionals and masters of their crafts.

We Believe

Under-represented Alternative Asset Managers Excel

Our experiences span a wide range of vantage points within these sectors. Our team has former public and private healthcare CEOs, private equity leadership, M&A attorneys and senior leaders with established track records of building successful businesses from US$200 million to US$2.3 billion in enterprise value.

We commit to a long-term partnership with company leadership, and engineer a holding company structure that provides permanent capital and long-term security for strategic growth. Our longer-term horizon is tax-efficient, and generates superior compounding value for our investors. Ultimately, we believe private enterprise can be a powerful force to foster inclusive growth and shared prosperity.

Increase returns, and extend your investment community reach by joining the Grantchester Growth platform.

Industry-focused executives facilitate the recruitment of the under-represented leaders to help firms meet Grantchester Specialty Investment Fund requirements

Grantchester Growth will:

Together, through Equity25, we offer compelling investment opportunities with under-represented alternative asset managers


We organize and develop investment syndicates for university endowments


We work with a select group of established private equity management companies that mentor and provide investment support

recruit (1)

We recruit and build world class Fund Management teams for each specialty fund with focus on women and minorites


We build an enterprise system to

  • Support the fund management team launch process.
  • Oversee the funds and portfolio companies.
  • Allow rapid scaling of the business model.