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Specialty Funds

This initiative by Grantchester will ignite a new culture of thought leadership, enabling a needed shift in private equity.

Aimee Senour, Senior Operating Advisor

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In order to address the challenge of bringing new under-represented alternative asset managers to market, we:

  • Launched a new private equity platform called "Equity25"
  • Equity25 make investments in specialty funds across five areas: mobility and energy, artifical intelligence, cyber, healthcare, and water.
  • Recruit and build world class fund management teams for each specialty fund with focus on women and minority controlled
  • Specialty Funds focus on growth equity and small-cap private companies
  • Launched the inaugural specialty fund called "Grantchester Mobility & Energy Specialty Fund" and "GM&E
  • GM&E is a private equity fund focused on making growth equity investments in private small-cap companies with existing revenue stream.

Closing the leadership gap. Creating opportunities to significantly increase under-represented alternative asset managers.