Bright Horizons: 5 Recent Advances in Solar Power Technologies

Solar power new advancements for energy.

In the pursuit of sustainable energy sources, solar power stands out, harnessing the abundant and clean energy radiating from the sun. Recent developments in solar technology have sparked renewed excitement and optimism in the quest for a greener future. Let’s explore some of the groundbreaking advancements driving this solar revolution. 1.Next-Generation Photovoltaics Traditional silicon-based solar…

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Earnings for Big Oil Backpedal as Natural Gas Prices Tumble

Natural gas earnings are down in the first quarter of 2024.

U.S. and European oil companies reported natural gas was weaker first-quarter results due to a significant price drop. This decline follows record profits in 2022 driven by post-pandemic demand and price spikes after Russia invades Ukraine. In the U.S., Exxon Mobil missed earnings targets, while Chevron exceeded expectations with strong U.S. oil production. French oil…

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Least Popular of the European Union’s Climate Policies

Europeans are not fond of the climate policies that their gasoline and diesel-powered cars could soon be banned for electric cars

A new survey has found that Europeans are not fond of the climate policies that their gasoline and diesel-powered cars could soon be banned. The survey was conducted among 15,000 people residing in countries including Germany, France, and Poland. The survey found that the ban on internal combustion engine cars is the least popular of…

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Top 17 Energy Unicorns in 2024

energy unicorn companies private equity venture capital

The Energy industry is filled with a plethora of successful companies. These successful energy companies have raised millions of dollars in VC funding. With that funding coming from some of the top investors in the world. Many of these energy company successes have turned into energy unicorns — and private companies worth over $1 billion.…

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Global coal demand set to remain at record levels in 2023 – Greater clean energy policy efforts and investments needed

burning coal

“Coal is the largest single source of carbon emissions from the energy sector …..” said IEA Director of Energy Markets and Security Keisuke Sadamori. “We need greater policy efforts and investments – backed by stronger international cooperation – to drive a massive surge in clean energy and energy efficiency to reduce coal demand in economies…

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