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About Us

This initiative by Grantchester will ignite a new culture of thought leadership, enabling a needed shift in private equity.

Aimee Senour, Senior Operating Advisor


Increase returns, and extend your investment community reach by joining the Grantchester Growth platform.

Industry-focused executives facilitate the recruitment of the under-represented leaders to help firms meet Grantchester Specialty Investment Fund requirements

At Grantchester Growth, we are building a scalable way to grow underrepresented alternative asset managers. We:

  • Organize and develop investment syndicates for university endowments
  • Work with a select group of Established Private Equity Management Companies that mentor and provide investment support
  • Recruit and build world class fund management teams for each specialty fund with focus on women and minority controlled
  • Support the fund management team launch process
  • Rapid scaling of the business model
  • Offer services for Stock Grant Programs, Platforms, Portfolio Funds and other expert advisement and support

Closing the leadership gap. Creating opportunities to significantly increase under-represented alternative asset managers.