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About Us

Founded in 2017, Grantchester is an alternative asset manager in Private Equity. We provide growth capital to relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets, or finance a significant acquisition. We focus on mobility and clean energy, cybersecurity, and healthcare sectors. Notable recent investment includes UCAP Power, Inc., a leading ultracapacitor-based power solution.

Increase returns, and extend your investment community reach by joining the Grantchester Growth platform.

Our expert team recruit the under-represented leaders and firms that meet Grantchester Specialty Investment Fund requirements

At Grantchester Growth, we provide private equity solutions and investing to give so that we may support your efforts to exceed diversity expectations while helping to manage risks, returns, and liquidity. We:

  • Organize and develop investment syndicates for university endowments
  • Work with a select group of Established Private Equity Management Companies that mentor and provide investment support
  • Recruit and build world class fund management teams for each specialty fund with focus on women and minority controlled
  • Support the fund management team launch process
  • Rapid scaling of the business model
  • Offer services for Stock Grant Programs, Platforms, Portfolio Funds and other expert advisement and support

Closing the leadership gap. Creating opportunities to significantly increase under-represented alternative asset managers.