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Grantchester Growth Announces New Advisory Board member

SAN DIEGO, Calif—January 2023— Grantchester Growth an investment platform and financial services company specializing in launching diverse emerging fund managers in specialty funds, announced that Aimee Senour has joined Grantchester Growth’s Advisory Board.

“The Grantchester Growth Advisory Board is a key component of our diversity initiatives and university and endowment engagement,” said Liz Griggs, CEO, and Founder of Grantchester Growth. “We are honored that Aimee Senour has joined the council as we focus on expanding the network, providing insights to assist in our expansion of minority managers in private equity.”

Aimee Senour is a global IT sales leader bringing her experience in global strategic planning, process improvement, governance, and leading international teams. Aimee has a passion for supporting professionals and organizations, including Women in Technology, that promote DEI and professional growth. Aimee recently led the Webinar “Women in Technology a Reason for Optimism.”  Aimee is the President of Proactive Performance Solutions IT Consulting firm established in 1993, headquartered in Delaware.

Aimee commented on the recent appointment, “I am very excited to have this opportunity to contribute my efforts in supporting women and minorities in private equity. This initiative by Grantchester will ignite a new culture of thought leadership thus enabling the shift to begin that is needed today in private equity.”

About Grantchester Growth

Grantchester Growth LLC, a subsidiary of Grantchester Group, is an investment platform and financial services company specializing in launching diverse all-star industry specialty executive teams in their own private equity management companies. The Grantchester platform in partnership with a select group of established private equity firms is providing access to leading university endowments.  Grantchester is helping investors build a scalable way to launch market-leading women, minorities, and emerging managers in private equity.

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About Grantchester Group

Grantchester Group creates innovative transformational companies. The leadership and founders of Grantchester have built billions of dollars in value in both private and public companies over the last 30 years. The Grantchester strategy is a global private equity firm investing in the development and execution of transformational industry strategies of such sectors as energy, electrification, healthcare, and financial services. Grantchester’s core thesis is that a myriad of opportunities, and alignment with our partners’ significant operating experience, present the best opportunities for outsized growth and returns. For more information, visit




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