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Grantchester Launches Private Equity25

SAN DIEGO, Calif—January 2023— Grantchester Growth is an investment platform and financial services company specializing in launching diverse emerging fund managers in specialty funds, announced its groundbreaking initiative Equity 25, an investment network for university and university endowments.

Grantchester Growth and Equity25 was established by the private equity firm, Grantchester Group. Liz Griggs (CEO and Founder) is on the MIT Board of Advisors, and through her tenure, she realized how important alumni donations coming into the university and returns from the endowment were needed in order for the university to provide the resources needed to support research programs for faculty and student programs, scholarships and financial aid.

The Grantchester Growth’s Equity25 program was launched to offer diversity and inclusion for industry leading senior women and minorities, the ability to lead and manage private equity funds.

The Equity25 program will be selecting 25 leading university endowments for the program. In addition to the diversity program for the endowments, Grantchester will be providing the universities with a way to increase alumni engagement and support.

“There is a tremendous lack of women and minorities in private equity, with less than 2% holding positions at the senior level. And we see very few emerging managers supported to launch their funds,” commented Liz Griggs, CEO and Founder of Grantchester Growth. To close the diversity and inclusion gap in the private equity markets, we’ve created Equity25 to offer significant opportunities for innovation in private equity resulting in higher risk adjusted returns for investors. While at the same time opening the door to a significantly larger number of women and minority owned and controlled private equity managers.”

About Grantchester Growth

Grantchester Growth LLC, a subsidiary of Grantchester Group, is an investment platform and financial services company specializing in universities and university endowments in order to help its investors build a scalable way to launch market-leading women, minorities, and emerging managers in private equity.

Further information can be found at

About Grantchester Group

Grantchester Group is a global private equity firm investing in the development and execution of transformational industry strategies of such sectors as energy, electrification, healthcare, AI and Cybersecurity. Grantchester’s core thesis is providing not only capital for their portfolio companies but the decades of operating experience that each of the Grantchester partners bring thus providing the best opportunities for outsized growth and returns. For more information, visit



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